Monday, August 04, 2008

          > Some of us seem to be unable to move forward in
          > our dialogues or our conceptual contexts for our
          > work, and I think actually it is that rigidity
          > and fundamentalism that damages our community
          > most.

I should have thought that dying from acquired immune deficiency syndrome or getting sick from it would damage a community most.

Rather than some abstract concept.

Cliches of cliches, cliches piled on cliches, how many times have we heard all this stuff really.

People are not going to answer
  a) Is it considered a so called safer sex practice?... having
      greater numbers of multiple sex partners.
  b) Is it considered a so called safer sex practice?... having
      less numbers of multiple sex partners.
because they can't.
Nature has a power over us.
Beyond their own experience or these very typical cliches
they continually deny the facts of life.
This force is built in, because we have to do these things,
as it is for any given species.

Condoms can prevent pregnancy for example but the problem is failure and failure rates.
People just deny the power of nature over and over.

Have sex with an infected person or not have sex with him.
It's an option. Companions and friends are dying optionally.
That doesn't change the facts that companions and friends are dead and dying.
Call the words asinine until the cows come home and companions and friends will be dead and dying into the future.
Turn into a petri dish for this disease by serosorting and having sex only with positive people.
People are turning themselves into petri dishes for this disease where new variations, new varieties are getting created because they have new genetic material to work with, new bodies to work with.
Some people may find that unpalatable but it is a point of view in which two species are gaining ground.
Where in fact this tiny little unconscious virus is gaining ground on millions of our species.
You've got your death list of companions and friends as have I.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

by Lawrence K. Altman
H.I.V. Study Finds Rate 40% Higher Than Estimated
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