Saturday, November 22, 2008

        > I don't know how common that
        > strategy is. Sounds like it would work
        > well for some folks, not so well for a
        > hookup.

Gosh, I'm just thinkin out loud here, but could "hookups" have anything to do with the AIDS epidemic?

        > I guess what I'm trying to figure out is
        > how people react to the concept of
        > risk, and whether 'public health' might
        > not better be focused on some of its
        > more traditional success strategies that
        > involve systemic changes, rather than
        > individual coaching.

With something like tuberculosis the FIRST step is to get tested. Workin out pretty good so far...

        > I don't know if there are home tests for
        > chlamydia. By systemic changes I mean
        > addressing homophobia, sexism,
        > racism, wealth extraction
        > (redistribution to the rich), etc.
        > Traditionally, public health has had its
        > greatest success with things like
        > water, sewage, & poverty
        > remediation.

and testing...

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