Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What are 10 reasons why AIDS prevention advocates don't experiment, don't even try the strategy of "BEFORE we have sex let's get tested TOGETHER for A VARIETY of STDs then make an informed decision."?

1. Obviously, I may not end up not having sex.
. The clinic's not open at 2am.
. There's no clinic in the middle of the park.
. There's no clinic in the back of my van.
. The free testing center won't take my credit card.
. You can get HIV from testing.
. I can tell if somebody has AIDS.
. I'm an sex educator. I know what works.
. There're no studies but I'm sure it doesn't work.
. I'm already HIV positive, thank you, whoever.

1 comment:

  1. - because they live in the real world and know you have to target more than just one behavioral strategy
    - Because people don't always fall into line with what they're TOLD to do.
    - Because they already do, just not to your satisfaction?

    Blanket statements are always easy to prove wrong.

    Good on you for fighting the good fight, just keep in mind who the enemy actually is.